An innovative, citywide solution to air pollution
How does it work?
Our air quality is at all-time low – an unfortunate consequence of urban pollution. But we have the solution: “City Air Purification System” (CAPS), an innovative, state-of-the-art invention jointly developed with Arup, protecting those in populous cities by improving air quality through novel filtration and sanitisation technologies. The revolutionary device doubles as a functional bus shelter, with an innovative air purification system that uses dual metal cone-shaped columns to deliver sanitised air into its semi-enclosed space. CAPS’ patented technology efficiently recycles and delivers clean air within a covered, semi-open space. CAPS harvests solar energy through its roof-installed 19.5% extra-high efficiency photovoltaic panels. Energy-saving aerofoil electronically commutated (EC) plug fans also ensure power is self-sustaining while consumption is kept to a minimum.
Why is it needed?
WHO ranks air pollution as the single largest environmental health risk in the world. Smaller particles eventually lead to the bloodstream, leaving the body at target to novel pandemic viruses. Air pollution causes lung damage, with small particles penetrating deeply leading to respiratory diseases.
How does it improve life?
Alongside its current application, CAPS has multiple functions that contribute to our everyday wellbeing. The technology is easily adapted to built-environments, from canopy structures to street vendors and roadside restaurants. It also has massive potential in densely populated areas, thriving in cities such as Hong Kong with established public transport networks – CAPS can be used at all forms of bus stops, as well a tram stations and taxi stands. Breathe in purified air while en-route to your next destination – whether it’s the work grind, a trip to a friend’s place or dinner out on the town – enabling practicality and versatility. CAPS can easily be adapted to most Asian metropolises and developing markets, tackling not only air pollution, but contributing greatly to sustainable urban growth.