1 House for All
"1 House for All" is a catalyst, driving sustainable urban regeneration for all citizens.
How does it work?
"1 House for All" is a mid-way housing project as a transition while the renewal is pending. One building is infilled with 4 affordable rental units for all citizens. When the collective renewal is ready, the house will be disassembled, and the materials will be re-used in future building construction. "1 House for All" buildings are designed as a material bank. In order to maintain the value of materials, the concept is to design a reversible system for easy assembly and disassembly. And the construction method can reduce the impacts on materials so that the materials can enter the internal and external production lines of the local building industry and continue its life cycle.
Why is it needed?
"1 House for All" is a shared space open to the neighborhood, with a kitchen, washing machine, leftover refrigerator, and tool borrowing station, which can be used as a place for daily gatherings or social activities. This is the living resource and service most urgently needed by common tenant living in the nearby small suites. Various lectures and workshops are held from time-to-time helping people establish a local network.
How does it improve life?
"1 House for All" combines the renewable energy with the passive house design method. It is built up with environmental friendly building materials with high thermal resistance and great air tightness to achieve good thermal comfort performance. The deep balconies facing the south can block the direct sun light in summer; the glass room can use the solar energy to heat up the air and increase the indoor temperature. In addition, the radiant floor heating system operated by solar hot water system can effectively reduce the air-conditioning load, achieve the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction, and at the same time maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.