Toy car set that sparks curiosity among children about alternative energy sources.
How does it work?
The kit consists of three alternatively powered cars: Sunny, runs when placed under direct sunlight, the solar panel captures the sunlight to make the DC motor move; Breezy, moves when the air from the balloon is released and Peppy, works by pulling back to wind the rubber band on the axel and then releasing it to see it shoot ahead. The design has supporting action cards to perform tasks and test your knowledge.
Why is it needed?
Introducing crucial topics like sustainability early on lays a strong foundation for allowing children to have a better future. And having a hands-on learning process enhances their comprehension of fundamental concepts of sustainability. Every individual needs to take sustainable steps and be mindful of what we consume. Knowledge is essential as it builds an active interest in topics like these, which then can be applied to take action. Most of us learned about renewable energy in science class during elementary school, but this design shows a practical example of how the different energies work.
How does it improve life?
By using simple household objects like a rubber band and balloon, children can learn the limitations and benefits of each energy source. This toy kit can be used as a learning tool to teach children about renewable energy in a more interactive way and foster their curiosity.