Reduce the socio-emotional consequences of bullying for children, detecting these facts on time.
According to Bullying without Borders, between 2017 and 2018 bullying increased by 40%, both in public and private schools in Chile. School bullying is a form of abuse that occurs mainly due to physical differences and with the recent arrival of immigrants, it has become more evident this practice that reflects what happens in society. Victim children respond to this situation with strategies such as denial, oblivion and minimization, but silence is the most used strategy. It is known that a child takes an average of 13 months to speak when suffers bullying, while experts say that the earliest possible detection is fundamental to redirecting the situation. Wow is a communication tool that raises the topic to children from a known platform, a game with a story and complementary activities. It seeks to detect the signs to address the situation in time according to each school context, avoiding the existence of irreversible or very profound consequences for the victim.