Smart packaging for refrigerated products
How does it work?
Each container, made of wheat straw, has an RFID tracking chip that helps to identify the food's incoming expiration or contamination. It has air quality sensors that measure volatile organic compounds and determine the exposure of the product. The containers are kept in a smart shelve that has a frontal interface, which provides information about expiration dates and/or possible changes in the food.
Why is it needed?
Through this design, the user will be aware of the refrigerated food's condition, either if it should be eaten soon, or if the decomposition process has already begun. Serva proposes a new learning channel to consume food consciously.
How does it improve life?
It is a system that accompanies the users in the process of reducing their food waste while reducing the use of non-degradable plastic containers. On a large scale, these individual changes will create a positive environmental impact and the food available will be fully used.