Mission Barns
Introducing cultivated meat: the next chapter in the evolution of food
How does it work?
Throughout history, farmers and chefs have dedicated their lives to moving flavor forward. Mission Barns joins the long line of craftspeople dedicated to deliciousness. Just like in an animal, cultivated meats grow while nourished to provide the same sense of indulgence we’ve always craved. But they are made better, in a cultivator, crafted with care. First, a sample from an animal is taken. This is placed in a cultivator, which mimics the conditions of the animal. It is then "fed" with plant-based nutrients: sugars, proteins, vitamins, and more. The cells start multiplying, and the sample is fattened. After just two weeks, the sample is combined with plant protein to create Mission Barns meat.
Why is it needed?
Over time, humanity became good at producing food. But it wasn’t always good for humanity. Conventional meat production is a major threat to humanity and our planet.
How does it improve life?
Cultivated meat is much kinder to nature — using less land and water, and emitting fewer greenhouse gas emissions — all while keeping us safer from animal-borne diseases.