A tool that helps students and teachers to get the holistic view on the students life and situation.
How does it work?
A digital tool that is asking the students to spend just 10-15 min a week to check in - the program is asking them +100 questions to check up on their mental, social and emotional condition and they instantly get feedback from education psychologists - and their teachers and counselors can access and review the students condition. The tool is: researched-packed, teacher-created, student-centered, self-driven.
Why is it needed?
Its important to know where students are emotionally, socially and mentally to help them get the best education. Students suisides have increased over 55% the last 10 years. Many factors in and put the classroom impact a students ability to learn. This tool will ease stress in the learning environment. Student's cannot achieve their academic potential without focusing on non-academics.
How does it improve life?
The insights from Heartbeat give educators and students visibility into which non-academic factors impact their academic success, supported by actions that both parties can take to improve engagement and learning outcomes. It’s about improving student’s lives in a time where they need it more than ever.