Airborne seedballs delivered to remote, deforested areas
How does it work?
ecoDrone is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by ecording. ecoDrone delivers airborne seed ball shoots in hard-to-reach areas that need to be afforested. An ecoDrone can shoot 2500 seed balls in 10 minutes with ecoDrones. Seed balls are the result of covering the seeds with a mixture of clay, powder fertilizer, various minerals and forest soil and turning them into balls in order to improve the probability of germination of seeds under natural conditions and to minimize the negative effects that the seeds may encounter in the process of turning into trees.
Why is it needed?
Between 2015 and 2020, the rate of deforestation was estimated at 10 million hectares per year, down from 16 million hectares per year in the 1990s. The area of primary forest worldwide has decreased by over 80 million hectares since 1990 (FAO).
How does it improve life?
The short-term goal is to continue efforts to reforest the world by integrating with companies and institutions from every sector by increasing our cooperation with their work. As ecording, we aim to reduce Turkey’s carbon footprint and the world and become one of the leading institutions about the environmental awareness and environmental technologies with our target to shoot 1 billion seed balls by 2030. In addition to this, we aim to develop this process, started in Turkey, worldwide with our office we opened in the Netherlands in February 2021.