The world's first patent-pending laundry re-tergent
How does it work?
BIORESTORE is a Retergent which removes pilling / Lint / Garment Fuzz /Bobbles from the surface, which improves the colour brilliance, realigns the fibres, and reshapes the macro structure - ultimately meaning the shape of the garment. Think of BIORESTORE as detergent 2.0 or as a 're-tergent' - restoring, refreshing and renewing instead of simply cleaning. From a science perspective, BIORESTORATION is a physico-chemical process where the enzymes and your laundry machine help each other. The enzymatic action targets the pills, weakens them and the centrifugal force provided by the machine detaches & removes the fibres.
Why is it needed?
Whether your wardrobe is made up of mass market fashion staples, high-end pieces worn once in a while, or a daily uniform of sorts, the same thing always happens: over time, repeated washing with detergents and regular wearing means friction, abrasion and stretching of your clothing. This leads to pilling, de-shaping, and faded appearance of colors through a negative process of wear and tear called fibrillation. What if you could sustainably, easily restore your legendary concert t-shirt, your ex’s hoodie they left, your dad's perfect shirt finally handed down, your kid's favorite sweater, the dress that defined your 20’s or the precious first day garments that your baby came home in.
How does it improve life?
BIORESTORE has been in development for several years. From the initial prototype until now, it has been thoroughly tested on all types of textile products and materials in exactly the same way we would carry out tests whilst developing products for large brands. The product will launch very soon according to the website.