Take control of your pelvic help
How does it work?
Bloom provides comprehensive care for often-dismissed health issues including Pelvic Disorders; From sexual health, to pelvic pain and complex dysfunctions, you can address your core and pelvic health which can improve intimacy, comfort, and daily life. Reproductive Health; Improve your pelvic health in any reproductive stage, including preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. Bladder & Bowel Disorders; Changes to your bladder and bowel function make life challenging. Better pelvic health can help you get the relief you deserve. Our Pelvic Health Specialists are experts in pelvic health and they all have Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees. They will work with you to create a unique clinical program tailored to your needs.
Why is it needed?
1 in every 4 women suffer from pelvic floor disorders and 45% report reduced productivity.
How does it improve life?
Bloom is the only virtual and clinical solution, with 1:1 Pelvic Health Specialist support, to improve pelvic health. Bloom delivers improved clinical outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and an expected return on investment of 1.4.