Lapee give women the opportunity to pee quickly, safely and worthily at festivals and outdoor events
Lapee is the worlds first fully industrialized female urinal for festivals and outdoor events. Lapee is the result of a vision of providing women at outdoor events all over the world with the ability to pee with dignity without standing in long lines or peeing behind bushes. The male urinals for festivals and events have been existing and used all over the world for more than thirty years. For some reason this product has never been reinvented for women. Lapee is a product designed with simplicity, as a female version of the male urinal. It is designed with the female body in mind to create a safe and easy use for women. Lapee is further more designed as a fully industrialized product that can easily be moved around connected and installed where ever it is needed. It can be handled with forklift and crane, it can easily be loaded onto trucks and be distributed to the next event. Lapee is rotomolded in recyclable PE and uses no electricity. Lapee is a durable and waterless product.