Force of Nature
Mobilising tomorrow's climate leaders
How does it work?
Our global youth perspective supports businesses to be the leaders in climate and sustainability, by shifting mindsets in the room; and gaining direct access to those historically left out of it. Our student programmes, curriculum support and teacher resources help sustainability educators foster the next generation of leaders: responding to their students’ emotional needs, helping them mobilise mindsets for action, and increasing their impact as change-makers.
Why is it needed?
70% of young people we've spoken to feel hopeless in the face of the climate crisis; only 26% of us know how to meaningfully contribute to solving the climate crisis. Becoming a Force of Nature is a 3-part programme created by young people, for young people. It's designed to help you turn eco-anxiety into agency; discover your power; and realise your potential to catalyse change in the world.
How does it improve life?
There's a saying that 'when a butterfly flaps its wings, it creates a hurricane on the other side of the world'. In the face of the climate crisis, each of us has the power to disrupt the status quo: which starts with sparking change within ourselves. We are Force of Nature, the next generation of climate leaders. We are mobilising mindsets for climate action: empowering others like us to turn our anger, anxiety and despair, into feelings of agency, community and vision.