FINE is the first prototype for an AI-enabled mental health support tool in the family home
According to recent studies on mental health, one in ten children are affected by a serious psychological problem, with future projections showing an alarming increase of this trend. In mental health everybody is different, so it is important that every voice is heard. We gained first-hand insight into non-intrusive mechanisms for prevention of depression in childhood and adolescence, through an open and co-creative process. FINE enables a digital friend to react empathetically to a child’s emotional state. A machine learning ‘empathetic’ model has been trained to read and react to emotions appropriately, with a corresponding family hub displaying the child’s and family member’s collective mood over time, acting as a central trigger to the habit-forming routine of talking about emotions at home; and encouraging the kind of positive behavior change that leads to a preventative and collective care taking of how one feels.