Rainwater Reuse Car-washing Landscape Pavilion
This is a multi-functional recreational landscape installation for outdoor rainwater utilization.
How does it work?
There are downpipes along the supporting column from the top water tank, passing through two layers of plant filtration belts, which not only achieve an aesthetic effect but also offer further fine filtering function, ending up connecting to a small high-pressure tank below. The stored rainwater flows to the bottom tank through several filtering layers while watering. The bottom high-pressure water tank is equipped with components such as a switch for controlling water intake, a pressure safety valve, a manual inflation valve, a water level window, a water pipe, a high-pressure water spray gun, a brush, etc. The water pipe, water spray gun, and brush can be used for simple cleaning, quick and easy washing, such as hand washing or car washing. Finally, the dirty water after use flows away from the waterproof anti-skid runway designed with a drainage slope to the urban sewer system.
Why is it needed?
The project is planned to be constructed in rain-rich areas to better implement sustainability by thinking deeply about the effective reuse of natural resources. The designer always keeps in mind to look at problems from a dynamic and developmental perspective, thinking deeply about the effective reuse of natural resources and the sustainable development of the environment. She designed this landscape installation for outdoor rainwater utilization, to effectively collect, store, and reuse the natural rainwater while enriching the urban landscape and promoting the interaction of human and nature.
How does it improve life?
Low-carbon, green, and sustainable design is the main principle we should try to adhere to in the design field, which as the common future for all humans, is also the main theme for our continuous exploration, practice, discussion, and development. The multi-functional recreational pavilion not only helps with the utilization of natural resources but also provides a place to rest and more practical functions for people. Wheelchair accessibility also shows the strong humanistic care towards the group of people in particular need.