A wearable for wellness, optimising sleep, mood and performance.
How does it work?
The next generation of wearable wellness technology. Hapbee is a chemical free solution to help with sleep, performance, and mood, all without side-effects. Unlike other wearables that simply monitor your health, Hapbee gives you the power to actively change it. You can decide when you need to be more focused, relaxed, energized, or even sleepy. By biostreaming the unique magnetic signatures of popular ingredients (like caffeine or melatonin) through the device, you can safely activate their effects (like focus, calm, or sleepiness), without any unwanted side effects.
Why is it needed?
There are 3 major areas of daily wellbeing: SLEEP, PERFORMANCE, and MOOD. When one suffers, it creates a ripple effect that impacts your overall health. Hapbee gives you the power to optimize each of these areas when and how you want, so you can live on your terms.
How does it improve life?
Hapbee was awarded on Fast Company’s list of World Changing Ideas 2022 for its innovations in the wellness category. In the first study analyzing the effects of Hapbee ULRE using digital ingredients on sleep outcomes, improvements were seen on a variety of key sleep quality measures including up to 48% increase in deep sleep (REM) and up to 17% increase in ?URA Sleep scores. Read the sleep study >