Muslim Census
Community led-data empowering UK Muslims
How does it work?
Muslim Census is an independent organisation committed to collecting representative data, to highlight issues faced by the UK Muslim community. Muslim Census is an independent organisation that gathers data of Muslims living in the UK, to clarify the true sentiments of the Muslim community. With that data, the opportunity can arise to identify, analyse and work to resolve the issues affecting Muslims in the UK.
Why is it needed?
A study done by researchers at the University of Birmingham, found that roughly one in four Britons hold negative views of Muslims and Islam — the highest of any group apart from gypsies and Irish travelers. Over a quarter of people — 25.9 percent — feel negatively toward Muslims, and just under 10 percent feel “very negative.” There's a need to highlight and report on the issues that Muslims in the UK face. Both when it comes to Islamophobia but also other areas of life.
How does it improve life?
Muslim Census has conducted reports such as Attacks upon Mosques and Islamic Institutions in the UK, A Year of Lockdown: The Impact on Muslims and A study into Anti-Blackness amongst young Muslims within the UK. Muslim Census is entirely self-funded and committed to remaining an independent organisation.