EH Group
High performance hydrogen fuel cell technology
How does it work?
EH Group's innovative & patented fuel cell technology offers: -High Power Density Uniquely re-designed fuel cell stack at the microstructure level making it more compact, lightweight and efficient. - Simplified System Architecture The FC technology operates with a simplified system architecture with fewer parasitic loads, lower costs and higher efficiency. - Scalable Fuel Cell Production A completely new approach and concept of fuel cell stack design and production. High micro precision eliminates conventional stack assembly methods drives down production costs significantly.
Why is it needed?
Due to its extreme compactness, EH Group's Fuel Cell technology is an ideal candidate for mobile/automotive applications (buses, trucks, forklifts, boats, drones, etc.) where weight and volume reduction are two key criteria. The product offering can also be deployed in stationary applications such as micro-grids, commercial buildings, data centres, telecom towers, hospitals, etc.
How does it improve life?
The solution has taken advance of technology to electrify current power systems, applicable across automotive, commercia buildings and others, which is an important aspect of reducing CO2 emissions.