The OLD School: #AgeRready through Design
Understanding ageing through design
How does it work?
ENABLE FOUNDATION designs for all generations to learn about ageing. An age-friendly society is one where everyone can participate in community activities regardless of how old they are. ENABLE FOUNDATION created a unique platform for intergenerational exchange encouraging younger people to prepare for better ageing and older citizens to become creative trainers. The OLD School is a new, organic educational methodology focused on ageing as the inspirational subject for teaching and learning. Younger people can learn what it means to get older and share the knowledge.
Why is it needed?
According to ADB, Asia's elderly population will reach nearly 923 million by 2050. This means the region is about to become one of the oldest in the world. The governments are poorly prepared for the broad social and economic consequences this change will bring. The region must look for ways to sustain economic expansion and provide better support for its growing elderly population.
How does it improve life?
The first OLD SCHOOL was launched as a design experiment in 2018 with London designer Pascal Anson (COO). They made four immersive #Age-Ready learning installations with “drills of ageing” to enable participants to experience, exchange, ideate and communicate meaningfully on key ageing attributes. This new intergenerational co-creation design experiment is for citizens to be better prepared for our future super-ageing society. OLD SCHOOL was the Winner of Golden Pin Design Award for Social Design 2020.