Food security through insects
How does it work?
InsectiPro farm and sell insect food goods in Kenya. They currently farm Black soldier flies and crickets. Current sources of feed such as soy and fish meal are costly to produce and purchase and are taking an alarming toll on the environment. This means, in Kenya, the local meat and fish are more costly than the imported equivalent. Black soldier flies are local, high in protein, more affordable and sustainable, making them a higher quality product. Their cricket products are designed for the general market and they work to make insect consumption widely accepted. They want cricket consumption to be accessible, available, affordable, and appealing for everyone.
Why is it needed?
With the growing population and the environmental pressure on the current food industry there need to be changes and innovative solutions. InsectiPro believes the solution is insects. As most people try to get rid of insects, they farm them on a large scale. With the help of insects, they're dedicated to making changes within the food industry.
How does it improve life?
The mission of InsectiPro is to create sustainable, nutritious and profitable systems, that will positively change the current food and value chains.