HYENA has developed the POWER POD as a solution to deploy fuel cell technology into Africa.
How does it work?
HYENA’s POWER POD is a diesel generator replacement technology that produces on-site, on-demand and reliable electricity. HYENA’s business is hydrogen-based electric power applications, mainly as standalone systems of small to medium size. The focus lies on electric power sources comprising integrated hydrogen generators and fuel cells, to produce electricity in the range of 5 to 20 kWe. With South Africa being the pivotal entry point for business into the African continent, Cape Town based HYENA is well-positioned to take advantage of the economic development and demand for fuel cell powered solutions. In addition to the development of the POWER POD, HYENA has extensive experience in all aspects of hydrogen technologies.
Why is it needed?
Replaces diesel generators with reliable fuel cell technology, no moving parts and extended service intervals. No noise, no diesel or oil spillage and lower CO2 emissions Existing LPG infrastructure makes the HYENA POWER POD scalable now.
How does it improve life?
Affordable and clean energy to rural areas where diesel generators are normally used.