Infant Carrier for Travel
Picture a world where virtual reality allows handicapped people to enjoy a full life, and where 3D-printed organ transplants save lives. A world where it is unimaginable, that, parents traveling with their infants have to struggle and suffer stress. Congestion, heat and lack of space make for the worst travel experiences of all. Wouldn’t it be a game-changer to begin your holiday story with how enjoyable the trip was? The desire to have parents feel confidence and independence during travel is what kick-started Lalepé. The development yielded a child carrier for travel that overcomes the most unwanted difficulties experienced during each phase of parents’ trips with their newborn. Lalepé combines three products in one, allowing the child to remain in one device for the entire trip. The seamless changes in configurations – from baby mat to baby carrier to baby seat - allows babies to continue their daily routine of sleeping and eating with no disturbance.