Trashed textiles turned into premium textile fibre
How does it work?
Infinited Fiber's patented technology takes piles of cellulose-rich waste that would otherwise be landfilled or burned – old textiles, used cardboard, crop residues like rice or wheat straw, and more – and transforms them into premium-quality fibres for the textile industry. They break waste down and capture its value at the polymer level, giving it new life as Infinna™ – the unique textile fiber that looks and feels like cotton and is known scientifically as cellulose carbamate fiber.
Why is it needed?
We're running out of resources and materials for sustaining the fashion industry. Infinna™ aims to reduce the world’s reliance on these virgin raw materials. It addresses the twin challenges of what to do with the piles and piles of textile waste we generate globally, and our continued desire for more and more new textiles.
How does it improve life?
The technology is ready, proven and available for licensing, and they’re boosting capacity with the opening of a new factory in 2024. They're already working with huge fashion brands such as H&M Group, Patagonia, Bestseller, Adidas, Ganni & Zalando.