Self-breeding beetle larvae system and entomophagy food processor, to promote protein consumption.
worMe is born from the observation of the combination of problems that we suffer daily in Latinamerica. According to FAO, the livestock industry is responsible for 18% of the CO2 of the planet. A majority of the Latin American population suffers from malnutrition because of lack of access to animal protein and not for lack of protein produced in the continent. In addition, 23% of the food produced in the area, is exported to the rest of the world, and since the pandemic, 16 million people will enter extreme poverty, and 20 million will be affected by the food crisis. worME is designed to promote the innovative Latin American youth to normalize and integrate this diet as a sustainable alternative. This is a kitchen appliance that self breeds larvae and has an inbuilt production system to produce mince from them. It comes with an app to monitor the level of worME and create a community of users.