Moving Buttons
Moving interface aims to provide hygienic solution for supermarket touchscreens
London design studio Special Projects has designed the Moving Buttons concept, which could allow 50 people to use a screen every hour without touching the same spot. They created a moving interface concept which aims to make touchscreens more hygienic in the age of Covid. The studio says it was inspired by the widespread use of touchscreens – at supermarket check-outs, for example – where up to 30 customers can touch a screen every hour, often pressing similar areas. Research showed that viruses can remain active on surfaces for up to 28 days. Moving Buttons provides an algorithm for these screens, which changes the positions of buttons between transactions so that customers do not touch the same area twice. The design goes against many accessibility rules, Westaway says, as people tend to “feel more comfortable using familiar interfaces” and to know where buttons are.