DING-DANG Natural Building and Living Center
DinDang Natural Building and Living Center is an educational center of sustainable building & living
DinDang Natural Building and Living Center aims to promote the natural and traditional techniques of building and the lifestyle that goes with it in the Phato area in southern Thailand. The center was set up in the year 2007 and works with both Thai and international volunteers in order to realize its current goal: to set up a learning and living center where all those interested in natural building techniques can find information and share knowledge and ideas. DinDang's idea is to connect people with their ability to take care of their own needs of housing, food, energy and living with less dependence on monetary success and more independence from fossil fuels. *We promote local natural materials, found objects and recycled material. *We promote raising edible crops be it vegetables or meat *We promote finding alternatives ways to energy use, and using local resources to produce energy. *We promote fixing what you have, reducing your waste and reusing the rest.