Home station for recycling more effectively
Lasso accepts your used materials using internal sensors, cameras and AI machine learning. If an item is not recyclable, Lasso simply returns it to you. No more recycling confusion. Lasso tracks your items in real-time, and you can even check products for recyclability on the move before buying them, with our in-app bar code scanner.Lasso steam cleans every item, saving precious water versus manual washing. Your materials are now pure and ready to be processed, all while using less electricity than your dishwasher. Plastic, metals and glass are broken down separately, reducing to a fraction of their size and maintaining valuable purity throughout. Once processed, Lasso channels your purified products into the storage container at the base of the appliance. Lasso’s storage is sealed, tamper-proof, sterile and odor free. Your products are safe and secure until it’s time for Lasso to collect. Monitor product storage capacity in real time, from the palm of your hand.