PIZZycle is a reusable pizza box offering value to pizza restaurants, customers and the environment.
The packaging is composed of two identical, round shells, following the shape of a pizza. It is made out of a durable yet recyclable bioplastic. The box can be carried easily, cleaned in the dishwasher and stored efficiently. PIZZycle is not just the product more so a circular economy: After the restaurants receive the PIZZycle boxes, they carry the orders of the customers in return for a small deposit. By offering four different colours it is possible to mark flavours, spices or personal preferences. When fulfilled, the customers bring back the boxes to any pizza restaurant that is part of the system to regain their deposit. Whenever the restaurant notices a broken box, they send it back to the factory, where the material will be reintegrated into the manufacturing process. Without having to face the dilemma between giving in to pizza cravings or avoiding waste, you can now dedicate your time towards the much more important question: Margherita or Funghi?