MYZ Series
A compact and low cost desalination systems to provide safer drinking water.
The MYZ Series are compact and low cost desalination systems using reverse osmosis membrane with patented filtration and high pressure vessel technology. MYZ can provide safe drinking water in small boats, ships and remote islands - bringing to the world solutions for water problems. Every consideration has been given to ensuring a user-friendly layout, including in the filter and hose housings, and care has been taken to ensure that the guidance graphics and other elements of the operating system are all gathered at the top to prevent operational errors. Packaged according to weight configuration taking portability into account, this product demonstrates a very high level of performance in terms of product design. While there are many desalination systems around the world, the compact form, design performance, and low cost of this product suggest that it is likely to play a major role in many locations and regions across the globe that lack infrastructure.