A new standard for sustainable housing for refugees and internally displaced populations.
Lifeshelter is a sustainable refugee shelter constructed with inspiration from vault arches of ancient buildings in Egypt. Through five years, Lifeshelter has been tested and improved in collaboration with Danish Refugee Council, DanChurchAid, DTU and University of Copenhagen. The distinctive curved design and the unique composition of rockwool and plaster ensure the shelter’s resilience. Being earthquake, fire, and hurricane resistant, noise reducing, waterproof, and resistant to both high and low temperatures, the shelter is in a completely different league than the existing shelter solutions used by the UN. Further, Lifeshelter can be produced locally, thus creating local jobs and capacity building. CEO Jakob Christensen’s and his team’s mission is now to build as many shelters as possible for vulnerable communities in exposed areas. “We know that there’s a strong association between dignity and physical and mental health. A dignified shelter enables a dignified life”, Jakob says.