Supertrash — Dirty work for Greater Good
A small, family-run collection service to help divert as much waste as possible.
Back in 2009, Steve Rickerby was working at an insurance company in the city. They were separating waste in to organics, recycling and general waste but the organic waste was just heading to landfill with the rubbish. Steve decided to solve that problem and launched We Compost collections with one bin of coffee grinds on the back of his ute. Turns out he was much better at picking up bins than he was at selling insurance and he has never looked back! Since 2019, Supertrash has now a small fleet of five, boldly designed, fluoro-pink trucks that will reimagined the sector. And not to mention, each month we will help our customers divert over 200,000 kgs of Aucklands waste from landfill.