Creating a safe and secure environment for patients and their caregivers
Safety in behavioral health settings is a top priority for patients, family and staff. OneHaven is an uplifting, restorative environment that empowers patients to take active ownership of their behavioral health wellness journey while maintaining a safe and secure environment for themselves and their caregiving staff. Providing patients an appropriate level of choice and control in their environment empowers them in their rehabilitation journey and conveys a sense of respect from caregivers to patients. OneHaven involves a canted toilet room wall that provides caregiver visibility into all areas of the room from the entrance. Ligature free fixtures and accessories prevent self-harming behavior. Doors enhancing staff safety while respecting patient privacy. The patient room door swings in both directions to reduce the risk of barricading behavior. This study led to revise Behavioral Health Design Guidelines and will impact the future design of mental and behavioral health facilities.