The disturbing story of my life
It focuses on raising awareness of issues of environmental & social responsibility within the young
Plastic pollution is not something new and it’s not something that will disappear any time soon. I was privileged to grow up in a family that valued nature’s beauty and importance to our existence. If it weren’t for my parents’ efforts to educate me about the importance of recycling, I likely would not have been as primed to learn about this incredibly important topic. Not every child is lucky enough to have access to this, and therefore this book aims to address this and reach out to those who are the future and will be part of the solution one day. The disturbing Story of my life is an illustrated children’s book that tells the story of the journey of a plastic straw that ends up in a human's stomach. Mike, the straw, will meet people along the way and will guide the child throughout the book giving them fun facts, playing games and challenges with them. The aim is to serve as a conversation starter with children, as a way to start introducing them and engaging with the topic.