Bricks of learning that can change lives for children of migrant construction workers.
Nearly 800 million people in developing countries are migrant workers.Children of Migrant workers are among the most educationally affected in these countries.These children are the most neglected and deprived of basic entitlements like schooling leading to an irreversible impact on their life. They have to play around constructions sites with concrete, gravel and bricks We created a solution which gives them access to education , providing them with building blocks in their initial years.The bricks that are used for construction are used as a medium for their education.The red bricks have been precast with Alphabets and Images.These bricks are locally available,cheap to produce can be developed with the existing methods of brick casting by embossing in the mould of the brick itself.The bricks can be extended to multiple languages and provide learning within their changing environment. Creating bricks to build their future.