Sex toys for the elderly
Design graduate Dmytro Nikiforchuk has created a range of sex toys for the elderly, including a tickling thimble and an ear trumpet for listening to a lover's heartbeat. Nikiforchuk created this kit, called Dotyk or Touch, as his graduate project at the Pedagogical University of Krakow (Institute of Design and Graphics). The young designer chose to focus on the more mature user because they are often left out of the traditional 18 to 49 age bracket. "Most 'classic' gadgets are designed to meet the needs of the 'average middle-aged user'," Nikiforchuk told Dezeen. "Instead, I believe that in the production process of any item should focus on specific consumers considering their age and needs." Dotyk consists of a translucent plastic tube that contains a steel ear trumpet, a magnifying glass lens with a metal handle, a tube formed of two steel nozzles connected with a sponge, and an over-the-finger gadget with interchangeable attachments.