R3 Score
Criminal background reports for a new world
Background reports delivered by traditional background companies are 100 percent comprised of criminal records. That means that applicants with records rarely receive more than a quick glance when applying for professional, financial, and educational opportunities. R3 Score uses a sophisticated algorithm that includes many data points to create an accurate, real-time risk assessment for each person. We provide nuanced reports instead of just labelling a background history as "good" or "bad." Decision-makers can draw from a multifaceted report that allows someone with a criminal history to be seen for who they are today. At R3 Score, we never sway or alter reports to create a "rosier" picture of a person's criminal background. However, we use data to create a truer perspective that highlights positive trends. We partner with investors, policymakers and tech innovators to change the imbalance that unfairly locks those with criminal pasts out of many opportunities and industries.