Climate Converter
Teach and inspire people to make a change to protect the environment.
DOTDOT conceptualised, designed and built an immersive installation about climate change for the new long-term Te Taiao Nature zone at Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (Te Papa). Climate Converter gives visitors a safe space to explore the issues facing New Zealand and understand the factors that we can take, both collectively and individually, to mitigate change. The Climate Converter is an immersive space, with four walls and floor all projection-mapped in a mesmerizing ‘New Zealand-esque’ environment in the delicate style of paper – from city skyline to forest floor all cycling through extreme weather events made increasingly familiar by the growing impact of climate change. The whole space is responsive to movement and the elements move, fold and unfold like origami. Climate Converter launched in May 2019. It is expected to last 10 years and has already had more than 1 million visitors.