Fierce Women
Inspiring social card game dedicated to women who have made great contributions to society
How does it work?
Fierce Women is card game for two to six people, consisting of more than 300 biographies of women who made great contributions to society, like Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir, Marija Juri? Zagorka and Marie Curie. One game lasts about 20 minutes. The illustrations on the cards are made by 8 Croatian female artists.
Why is it needed?
“For much of history, Anonymous was a woman,” Virginia Woolf wrote, and indeed, most of us have a hard time naming five female philosophers or scientists. Fierce Women wants to change that with a card game starring passionate women who have achieved tremendous success in culture, science, politics and the arts. The game's goal is to promote gender equality, social justice and independent culture while playing a fun game.
How does it improve life?
The creators believe in learning through socializing and fun and want to contribute to the development of a society that is unburdened by sex and gender categories.