Folding Emergency Shelter
Folding emergency healthcare concept
The idea of designing an emergency shelter came as architect Gonzalo Guzman was making a trip from the city of Cordoba to the city of Salta in Argentina. A road trip that normally takes 9-10 to hours by car took him almost 14 hours due to the heavy rain and closed roads. As the trip continued he could see many towns flooded and all of its inhabitants waiting at the side of the roads. They waited several days before they could return to their homes, sleeping in cars and other improvised shelters, no tents were used because they did not were suitable for the wind and heavy storms. The main idea was to design a very simple shelter that could be easily transported and easily built. The dimension would permit to stack many modules and carry them in any truck. Each module consists in a rigid structure of panels that can be folded down and a coverage of sailcloth for extra wind and water protection. This module can be adapted to any situation where emergency shelter is needed.