a new open-source design for a simple, foldable face shield for infection control
Healthcare workers need face shields in addition to masks and goggles to provide protection from splashes and sprays of infected bodily fluids from Covid-19 patients during a number of high-risk medical procedures and situations. There is currently a significant shortage of face shields globally, which is likely to be particularly severe in less wealthy regions without the ability to buy or manufacture necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as easily or quickly as wealthy countries. The aim of this project is to develop a set of designs for face shields which are safe, cheap, easy to mass-produce quickly using materials, equipment, and labour available in low and middle-income regions, are easy to reuse, and are comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods by healthcare workers without inducing pain or discomfort. This effort has yielded HappyShield, which successfully meets these design goals.