Spinn - Next generation car insurance
A new car insurance app based on customer needs, future trends and technological opportunities
A smartplug in the car analyzes the users driving pattern, resulting in safer and more environmentally conscious drivers, preventing injuries and reducing CO2 emissions. Spinn made SpareBank 1 number one in Norway and Europe at implementing smart insurance. Focused on user needs and one whereby users would only pay for the distances they actually drive and not have to worry about under fulfilling or exceeding a fixed planned estimate. For young drivers with a fresh driver's license, the solution has been especially valuable. Now they can get a fair insurance price based on their driving skill and style and not based on stereotype or car make. Five green leaves in the app is a top score. If all of today's 15,000 users go from one green leaf in the environmental profile to five green leaves, this will result in a reduction of about 3,000 tonnes of CO2 a year being released into the environment- this corresponds to about 100 scheduled flights from Oslo to Paris. For a better environment.