Digitally Speaking
A smart underwear equipped with Safety tech to address the issue of women safety across the Globe.
Security is a major issue for women in India and across the globe. Every single day young girls, mothers and women from all walks of life are being assaulted,molested and violated. According to the statistics, 92 women on an average are raped in India everyday and around 60 % of the women get raped worldwide.Concerned about this state of affair we designed a smart underwear which is equipped with safety technologies (prototype stage)for safety of women.The user under distress can do a specific muscle movement which will trigger an emergency alarm and send distress message along with the users GPS location to 5 saved numbers of family and friends.Once the information is shared with the saved numbers, they can track the user down.The device can also record the sounds that is happening in the surrounding which can later act as a proof.To avoid false alarm,the user can press a button located on the waistband within 10 seconds which will cancel the whole process and won't trigger the alarm.