Combating air pollution through fashion
A product which protects the wearer from the air pollution that they are exposed to.
Air pollution is a major concern in the world that we are living in. Being a major health concern, we decided to tackle it. The concept revolves around a scarf, which is the most commonly used apparel to protect ones self from the pollution that they are being exposed to. We wanted to come up with an intervention and not an interference in the user's day to day life. The scarf is made up of 3 layers- The triangular elements, an inner lining and an activated carbon filter which can be replaced after its life cycle. The triangular elements are made of biodegradable plastic (made of cornstarch) to give it a stiffer structure. The lining is made of buckram which allows flexibility along with stiffness. The activated carbon filter absorbs the pollutants when air is passed through. The structure and shape of elements allows the scarf to stay erect when the elements are pushed out and collapse when pushed in. This allows a more discrete usage of the product.