Cyclic Puzzle Design Kit
An edutainment design kit with unlimited potential for extension and restructuring.
“Cyclic puzzle” forms certain "language" that connects the logical understanding of Aesthetics with the aesthetic perception of Logic. Its ten Keys - Segments serve a base for an infinite number of dynamical structures and images, united by a complex system of the rules of correlations. The creator’s actions are based on one’s inner sense and perception of the Cycle which form one’s own reflection of the segmented structures’ rules. Cyclic Design Kits implies both: digital implementation (for example game application) with the algorithm of infinite cycle of structures and images transformations, and the format of interactive "puzzle" with the equal potential and no dead-end solutions in constructing. There are lots of possible variations in different scales and materials of design for this surfaces, so that it can be adapted for special needs (for example it can have a relief surface for better tactile perception for visually impaired people). Proved to be a good tool in art therapy.