Clip housing—— Sydney Affordable Housing Design
The design of Clip Housing provides a new strategy of affordable housing to Sydney residents.
The mean idea of this design is modular system, which uses four different prefabricated units to realize fast and low cost constructions. Furthermore, the vertical patchwork maximally tries to solve the overcrowded housing problem. Using the four different units and the combinations creates interesting and inclusive public spaces. We consider the lighting, ventilation, greening, and multicultural residents in Sydney to create enjoyable, convenient and open spaces. The flexible spaces of apartment unit provide Sydney residents with more opportunities to freely choose distinctive sections, which is particularly suitable to various families. Owing to the different combination forms, it can be used in various locations, which are: vertical detached apartments, harbor and port forms, attaching to building sides and houses. Considering the climate in Sydney, we use the theory of manual wetlands into the greening wall system for collecting and reusing rainwater, as also an filter system.