bio-bean Ltd.
First company in the world to recycle waste coffee grounds into Advanced Biofuels
bio-bean Ltd. is a pioneering green energy company that has industrialised the process to turn waste coffee grounds, discarded by coffee factories and coffee shops into Advanced Biofuels (biodiesel and biomass pellets used for powering buildings and transport systems). The company is uniquely placed to process this waste stream and provide a commercially and environmentally sustainable solution to waste disposal issues present within the Food & Drink industry. Currently operating in the UK bio-bean is responding to the increasing need to establish responsible waste collection and disposal and to achieve clean, cheap and localised energy production. The UK produces over 500k tonnes of waste coffee grounds each year, costing the industry over £50mn a year and emitting 1.8mn tonnes in CO2 emissions. bio-bean's innovative technology and sophisticated collection infrastructure enable them to collect this waste saving companies money and helping the environment at the same time.