Malaika provides a product, a service and a business model to create safer homes in slums.
What most of us regards as slums and shelters, nearly a billion people worldwide call their home. Slum communities are especially endangered in case of fires due to narrow set up, light housing materials, lack of water supplies and the use of real fire indoor. A small fire that gets out of control can literally leave hundreds or even thousands homeless before the nearby fire brigade has a chance to respond. The Malaika concept is a reaction to extensive research and insights gained from on-site visits to fire brigades and slum communities in South Africa and Kenya. Malaika provides a product, a service and a sustainable business model that empowers slum communities and the women responsible for creating homes and keeping their children safe there. Malaika provides functions of a smoke detector, access alarm and a panic alarm that will help make even the simplest of homes and communities safer.