Print Your City
uses large scale 3D printing to transform the plastic waste of cities into meaningful applications.
The technology of 3D printing enables closing the material loop of plastic with a short recycling path and a zero waste production process. Furthermore, it can combine modular repair and mass customization, making a more circular city feasible with more engaged citizens and less CO2 emissions. The throw-away lifestyle of contemporary cities has increased the demand for single use plastic packaging and plastic waste. In Amsterdam alone, residents generate an average 23kg of plastic waste per person annually (2015), enough to 3D print 1 bench for every 2 Amsterdammers each year! XXX bench can be easily customized in shape or function and integrate personal messages or logos on it, like the logo of the city of Amsterdam. In this way it invites citizens not only to participate in the material collection but also in the design process, thus increasing recycling rates and resulting in customizable parts that better fit the needs of their neighborhood.