A ?waterless ?toilet for ?rural areas and ?temporary ?settlements.
It separates ?liquids from ?solids to ?improve ?environmental ?impact, ?decrease the ?potential for ?disease, reduce ?odor and ?ensure easier ?removal. ?SavvyLoo is ?self-contained, ?pedal operated, ?easy to ?assemble and ?easy to use and ?keep clean - a ?sustainable ?alternative to ?polluting water ?through ?waterborne ?sanitation and ?pit latrines - ?designed as ?temporary ?toilets. ?SavvyLoo was ?developed in ?response to the ?need for ?innovative ?sanitation ?solutions ?across Africa. ?Features ?include urine ?diversion, ?separation of ?diarrheic and ?other liquids ?into a liquids ?sump, and ?desiccation of ?solid waste ?using solar ?heat and ?continuous ?airflow which ?aids the drying ?process, ?eradication of ?pathogens and ?odors. The dry ?inert faecal ?waste may be ?used with ?nitrates as ?organic compost ?or to produce ?energy through ?a biogases ?process. ?