Navigational technology for the blind.
A wearable device was created that uses RGB imaging and infrared depth data captured by a 3D depth camera to assist individuals to navigate around obstacles using a system of vibration motors. The device is also able to recognise staircases, doors and chairs and can name these objects to the wearer through a Bluetooth-connected headset. Shady and the Mubser team are still refining their prototype. “We have given two prototypes to people to use in real life and then we will take their feedback and enhance it, and add it to the next prototype that we are working on,” explained Shady. He added that his vision is to add more features to the device so that blind individuals can accurately imagine all their surroundings. “It’s about the future for them; that’s how I keep thinking about the platform itself. So in the next five years I see Mubser as being the sixth sense that they depend on.”