Kamulo improves life through innovative design, material upcycling and providing livelihood to women
Kamulo started as a classroom challenge of making used materials new again, giving it new product life through upcycling and design. Pursuing this project outside of school, the team wanted to design products that maximizes the material quality of discarded industry materials. The philosophy of Kamulo stems from a Cebuano term that means "ongoing". Adopting the word provided a whole new meaning for the advocacy of maximizing available finite resources through the transformation into innovative design pieces -- that the life of these materials are not over but are still ongoing. With the same motto, Kamulo wants to create the same impact economically by giving work to women who need a second chance in life. With the current designs of Kamulo and they're manufacturing processes, it allows women to work at home and be flexible with their time, giving them the opportunity to earn a living while still taking care of their children.